Geotechnical Report

The series will publish studies on interesting issues on natural stones. The reports can present, e.g. stones of present or historical production areas in Finland, new stone qualities, research methods or technical solutions.

The aim of the series is to raise awareness and interest for the Finnish natural stones. The series is targeted at everyone interested in natural stones, especially educational communities, designers, architects, and scientists.


The Vehmaa rapakivi granite batholith in southwestern Finland
– the production area for Balmoral Red granites

Edition 2016

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geotekninen raportti 2

The Hanko granite – a foundation stone for the Finnish stone industry

Edition 2016

Download PDF, 30 pages

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geotekninen raportti 3

The Uusikaupunki granite – a corner stone in the Finnish national romantic architecture of the early 20th century

Edition 2016

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Spectrolite – a unique natural stone from Finland

Edition 2017

Download PDF, 36 pages

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Evaluation of a natural stone prospect in Finnish Lapland – the Mutsoiva massive-type mica schist

Edition 2017

Download PDF, 28 pages

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