Stone Floors

Hotellin aulassa on käytetty lattiakivenä liusketta.

A stone floor (Nilsiä slate schist) at Hotel reception. Ylläs, Finland.

The flooring slabs can be laid in several patterns. The traditional shape is rectangular, but triangles, parallelograms, and polygons can also be used. Flooring slabs assembled on a thick layer of mortar should not exceed 0.5 m and the ratio of sides should be 1:3 at the most. The recommended range is 200 – 800 mm. Tiles are laid on a thin layer of mortar. For stone tiles, the ratio of the sides is 1:2 and the recommended range for the length of the sides is 150 – 600 mm.

Underfloor Heating

Due to its thermal conductivity, natural stone is ideal in floors with underfloor heating. Stone also stores heat relatively well and radiates the heat evenly into the room. Floor heating techniques include electric resistance cables and water pipes cast in topping concrete.