Landscaping Quarries

Kala-allas louhimossa.

A fish pond of a landscaped quarry, Ylämaa

Quarrying activities alter the landscape. With good extraction management and proper landscaping these changes can be controlled. Legislation binds the entrepreneur to landscape the extraction area after the quarrying activities have come to an end. The Land Extraction Act, for example, states that the entrepreneur must lodge a security for landscaping the area before quarrying activities are begun.

Maisemoitunut louhimo

A naturally landscaped old quarry site, Vehmaa.

When the quarrying activities are finished, the area is cleaned, vegetation is restored, and inappropriate use of the area is prevented by waste material. The quarry site can also be put into new use as a water basin, a fishing pond, a recreational area, or it can be turned into a geological or scientific-historical sight. The new guidebook on land extraction provides information on landscaping and after care of a quarry site. The guidebook is available at bookshops and in the Internet.