Leftover Stone

Louhimon sivukiveäLeftover stone is a by-product of natural stone quarry. This stone has exactly the same composition as the main quarry products, but fails to meet the high quality standards set for natural stone products. Leftover stone may comprise rock material which has some flaw in appearance, or rock material that is too small for processing. In this case, the leftover constitutes no danger to the environment and has no hazardous compounds. The leftover material is usually stored at the quarrying area.

The leftover material can be recycled and used for several purposes either as such, or after it has been mechanically processed. Due to nearly exhausted gravel resources, bedrock and quarry leftover is used increasingly as crushed products. Crushed products are applied in road construction, buildings and court yard structures, in element engineering and used as sanding stone. Gently extracted, intact granite leftover is an ideal material for water and environmental construction.

Water constructions include, for example, piers, port facilities, river banks, water purification dams, flood area kerbs, and docks.

In environmental constructions, granite leftover is recycled and used in e.g. stone walls, noise barriers, embankments, and courtyard and park ornaments. Soapstone leftover finds use in e.g. the production of industrial minerals, and ceramics.