Kiven porausta

Quarrying of natural stone is subject to licensing. There are two types of legislation that regulate the quarrying activities.

Granite and Schist

A land extraction permit according to the Land Extraction Act, and an environmental permit according to the Environmental Protection Act are required when quarrying granite. The application form for the land extraction permit is addressed to the municipal authorities of the extraction site. The application must be supplemented with a quarry extraction plan. Application form can be found in the Internet. A new guide book on how to make a land extraction plan has been published. The book also includes other valuable information on land extraction. The book is available at bookshops and in the Internet. The application form for an environmental permit is also addressed to municipal authorities.

Soapstone and Marble

Quarrying soapstone and marble is regulated by the Mining Act. However, soapstone and marble quarrying activities also require an environmental permit according to the Environmental Protection Act. Before carrying out any extraction for deposits referred to in the Mining Act, a reservation and/or a claim must be made. The written application for a claim is addressed to the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. If the exploration results show that the deposit can probably be exploited, an application for a mining concession must be addressed to the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy provides detailed information on the Mining Act and the various applications. A separate application form must be filled out to apply for the environmental permit. For mining projects, the application will be addressed to the Regional Environment Centre.