Marmori, Bianco Carrara

Bianco Carrara marble.

Marble is perhaps the best known of the natural stones and that which has been in use the longest. The majority of the world’s building marble is produced in Italy, where most of it is also used. Marble arises as a metamorphic product of limestone, and is thus composed almost entirely of calcite. Sometimes it may also contain dolomite, in which case it is referred to as dolomite marble. The Finnish marbles produced for building purposes are all dolomite marbles.

Marmori, Tervola, Lappia Papu

Lappia Papu marble from Tervola, Finland.

Marbles can be white, grey, black, green, brownish or pink in colour. Since the calcite in them reacts easily with the acid rains typical of urban environments and the rock does not withstand urban conditions very well as a whole, marbles are nowadays used mainly in the interiors of buildings.