Granicon Oy

We quarry unique granite from the top of the world. Our products include:
-Baltic Brown, SED from Luumaki
-Carmen Red, Virolahti

Baltic Brown and Carmen Red granites are well-known worldwide for their uniform strength of colour. With production at 15,000 cubic meters, a strict classification system and large deposits, Granicon Oy has the resources to provide its clients with high-quality blocks of uniform texture and colour.

The bedrock in our quarries makes it possible to take out large blocks, a clear and added value for Granicon Oy clients. A large, well-shaped block is always a good place from which to start further processing. The modern Finnish quarrying technologies deployed by Granicon Oy secure blocks that respond to the wishes of the client. A stone processor can exploit Granicon Oy blocks to the maximum.

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