Ikikivi Oy

Ikikivi quarries and processes the beautiful and durable schist in Nilsiä in eastern Finland.

With professional skills, we produce, e.g. yard stones, stone walls, kerbstones, decorative stones and façade stones. Only the imagination is the limit. Thanks to the advanced technology, we can utilize all material (100%) from our quarry.

PL 10 73300 NILSIÄ

Varpaisjärventie 781
73300 NILSIÄ

Katja Huhta : 050-5259366, katja.huhta (at) ikikivi.fi

Tom Huhta: 050-4040404, tom.huhta (at) ikikivi.fi

Lauri Kostilainen: 050-3525253, ikikivi (at) ikikivi.fi