Kaavin Kivi Oy

Kivilähde – Kaavin Kivi Oy is a company specialized in quarrying and processing of stone. The company has two factories, one in Kaavi in northern Savo and one factory, Kivilähde, in Ylöjärvi in Pirkanmaa. The stores are located in Kaavi, Ylöjärvi, and Helsinki. Kivilähde – Kaavin Kivi Oy’s main products include gravestones and tabletops. In addition, production comprises environmental and building stones as well as stone blocks.

Kivilähde – Kaavin kivi Oy extracts the popular Lilac Pearl in Rautavaara, the dark green Green Sea in Kiuruvesi, and the grey variegated Silver Green in Varpaisjärvi. In addition, we have several prospects under investigation. With our own stone deposits, we can provide the customers high-quality stone and a varied range of colours. Kivilähde – Kaavin Kivi Oy’s operations cover all of Finland; rough stone is also exported..

Marita Mielonen, Eino Lovikka, Pekka Räsänen

Kirjekuorentie 6
FIN-73600 Kaavi, FINLAND
+358 17 6880100

+358 17 6880112

marita.mielonen (at) kaavinkivi.fi

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Jalostus, Louhinta

Bathroom tops, Borders, Coverings, Indoor floors, Indoor tables, Indoor walls, Kerbstones, Kitchen tops, Other indoor stones, Outdoor stairs, Outdoor walls, Paving stone – bigger, Paving stone – smaller, Rough stone, Slabs, Stairs, Statues/monuments, Window sheets

Kaavin Kivi Oy
Kirjekuorentie 6
FIN-73600 Kaavi
Tel. +358 17 6880 100
myynti (at) kaavinkivi.fi
Kivilähde – Ylöjärvi
Kivilähteentie 13
FIN-33470 Ylöjärvi
Tel. +358 17 6880 160
myynti (at) kivilahde.fi
Kivilähde – Helsinki/Kamppi
Mechelininkatu 3 B
FIN-00100 Helsinki
Tel. +358 17 6880 140
helsinki (at) kivilahde.fi
Kivilähde – Helsinki/Tapanila
Punttikuja 3
FIN-00730 Helsinki
Tel. +358 50 563 6656
tapanila (at) kivilahde.fi