Kymen Granite Oy

Kymen Granite Oy was established in 1992 and is a company specializing in extraction and processing of Finnish high-quality granite. In addition, our services include installation of products and necessary additional work in the southern Finland area.

The company has two quarries in Kouvola: Anjalankoski in Haapala and Myllykoski. The quarried stones are Kymen Red and Kymen Brown granites. Kymen Granite Oy supplies rough stone also for export. The main export countries include China, Poland, and Lithuania.

The Kymen Granite factory is located in Kouvola. The plant is focused on production of environmental and building stone.

In the spring of 2013, the company opened a stone store at Myllykallionkuja 39 in Kouvola. The store sells granite and concrete products. From the store’s showroom you will find a wide range of granite and concrete stones, also as installed.

Mika Rahkonen (tj), Kari Rahkonen

Myllykallionkuja 41
45100 Kouvola

+358 40 0444441

+358 5 3810330

mika.rahkonen (at)

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Installation, Prosessing, Quarrying, Planning

Bridge coverings, Columns, Foundations, Kerbstones, Outdoor stairs, Outdoor walls, Paving stone – bigger, Paving stone – smaller, Rough stone, Slabs